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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a shooting attack on a bus in israel as violence escalates between palestinians and israelis. ♪ hello from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, also ahead a report into the malaysia airlines plane crash over ukraine is due to be released but won't answer an important question. grim details on the humanitarian situation in yemen and u.n. says the number of children with malnutrition has tripled plus. >> and here is a giant machine
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gun made from water pipes and a lawnmower engine. >> reporter: what can you do with $200 film budget in uganda? a lot if you have the know how. ♪ we begin with breaking news from israel where a palestinian has been killed on a shooting on a bus in jerusalem and mike hanna is in west jerusalem and mike let me start with you what are the details of this latest attack? >> well, the latest attack involved an attack on a bus in the seem line between west jerusalem and the occupied east, according to police two palestinians got on the bus, one opened fire, a number of israelis were injured in the shooting, one of the palestinian attackers was shot dead at the
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scene and the agency confirms there was one israeli dead at the scene, another has been critically injured, receiving treatment in hospital. earlier in the day there was an attack on a religious neighborhood in west jerusalem and there a man drove into a bus station and attempted to knife bystanders, no serious injuries, the man himself was arrested. earlier in the day two attacks in the central israeli city of ranana and in those cases the palestinian attacker in each case was arrested and israeli injuries light but the bus station attack in particular of great concern to the netanyahu government and he has caused a meeting of his security cabinet in coming hours to discuss the matter fully. >> mike thank you very much for the moment and let's cross over to the check point and very sensitive check point and tell us about the situation there, how tense is it? >> well, a few protesters have
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just arrived here and set up their position which is usually burning some tires, there are a couple israeli tires who already fired tear gas but the bulk of the protesters are still gathering outside of the refugee camp and then they will come all the way here and so do we do expect things will escalate here and there is tension in the other areas of the occupied west bank and in bethlehem, sorry it's the gas mask, the protest there had been called by the fata. there is also a protest in jeanene and also protests in hebron and namely one called by the islamic university there. now, things are extremely tense and the video of the boy gasping for air on the sidewalk has done the rounds and have really escalated the anger to new levels. >> you said the palestinian
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factions called for protest also, we have seen the latest wave of violence any way, the latest protests have been lead by young palestinians and disenfranchised youth and why are they coming in the fray now and what is the message to these young people today? >> well, the political factions by and large have been on the sidelines at the moment, namely the palestinian authority apart calling for calm has not done anything to stop the clashes and would have alienated the youth furthermore and what has happened with the videos on social media with the you know boy of 13-year-old, two days ago a 13-year-old here in ramala died from a rubber bullet in the back of his head, all of that is innocencing the youth, the school boys, the teenager, the university students and that is certainly something that is very
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difficult to control and with each day that passes the anger really is widespread. >> hoda thank you very much for that and we are just hearing now that hundreds of palestinians are clashing with israeli soldiers near the crossing which is in the north of the gaza strip and israeli forces appear to be firing gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition and one palestinian is said to be injured and we will continue to closely monitor the situation in israel and the occupied palestinian territories and bring you the very latest on the rising tensions there. let's move on to other world news now and the aid agency unicef says the number of children suffering mall nourishment in yemen has tripled since the war began and according to a new report half of those under five are severely and acutely newered and 6,000 have been screened for acute malnutrition in thai, aiden and
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sanaa where the fighting is taking place and thousands effected have been admitted to feeding programs and al jazeera has more. >> reporter: mia is one of many children in yemen who lies on a trip and suffers malnutrition and needs immediate treatment. her mother traveled a long distance to get to this hospital in the capitol sanaa. mohamed faces complications from months of chronic malnutrition. >> translator: my child is sick. he had one surgery which cost $2000 now the doctor says he needs another, all because of malnutrition and we are very poor and my husband had to borrow the money for the first surgery. >> reporter: malnutrition in yemen is the highest in the world, the situation made worse by the conflict. international aid agencies are worried about the war. they say if it continues many
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children will die. >> the situation is terrible and now after six months of conflict we have half a million children who are severely and acutely malnourished and the same time last year we had less than 160,000 children so it's got three times worse. >> reporter: this hospital in sanaa was targeted many times, doctors here fear they may have to relocate to a temporary clinic if the saudi-led air strikes continue and the hospitals are overwhelmed with the growing number of casualties putting thousands of malnourished children at further risk of death, al jazeera. we want to bring you now the first pictures we are getting from the areas crossing north of the gaza strip whereas you can see hundreds of protesters, palestinian protesters have gathered and there are reports that israeli soldiers have fired
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tear gas and rubber bullets at these protesters and that five palestinians are injured according to medical sources in gaza, one of them seriously injured from a rubber coated bullet that hit his head and a number across palestinian territories of israeli occupation, one of the checkpoints in areas north of the gaza strip as well. tension between the two sides has been on the rise in the last few weeks with a number of knife attacks against israelis and retaliatory attacks against the palestinians. we will of course keep a close eye on the situation and elsewhere in the occupied palestinian territories as the day unfolds here on al jazeera. now in afghanistan a suicide bomber targeted a check point and happened in kandahar
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province, two injured and two killed. dutch investigators expected to public their final report into malaysia flight mh 17, yes, which was shot down over eastern ukraine last year, all 298 people aboard the boeing 777 were killed in the crash and should answer questions why the plane was taking that route but as we report it will not assign blame. >> reporter: it was meant to have been a routine flight between amsterdam and kuala-lumpa and high above the fierce fighting in eastern ukraine but for the passengers of mh 17 this is where their lives ended. 298 people were killed including 15 crew, most of them were dutch. >> so many questions at this moment. >> reporter: dennis is among hundreds of family members desperate for answers, his brother in law donnie was
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killed, on his way to the far east on holiday. >> we lost so many lives and of course a lot of families have not been the same any more. all families have changed and that is something that is staying forever. >> reporter: soon after the disaster the.netter lands ordered an investigation and an early report concluded that the plane broke up in mid air after being hit by high energy objects and the plane was brought down by a missile and it brought down nearly everything else and accused pro-russian separatist supplied by moscow and russia denies this blaming the military instead. on the dutch air base will focus on four key areas, the under lying causes of the crash and on
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board were they conscious or not and why the families of dutch victims had to wait two days before receiving any confirmation their loved ones were on board and the report will also try to answer why mh 17 made the fateful decision to fly over a war zone in the weeks leading up to the shoot down of malaysia 17 there had been military planes shot down at greater altitudes and there was an indication that sophisticated weaponry was in the conflict zone. >> reporter: one thing the report will not answer is the burning question of who is responsible. a separate criminal investigation lead by dutch detectives will report the findings at the end of the year, evidence that could lead to charges of war crimes and murder. we know where the plane crashed and investigators are about to reveal their final thoughts on why but we don't yet know who beyond a reasonable doubt is to
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blame. lee barker, al jazeera, southern netherlands. parliamentary inquiry to investigate the off shore detension camps for refugees, more than 1 1/2 thousand asylum seekers are held by australia and andrew thomas has more from sidney. >> reporter: there had been previous reports into condition in the prisons in naru and new guinea and written by politicians and charities like amnesty international and had allegations of rape of children even in some of the camps, the beating of detainees by guards for example, but in the past people have been free to speak to the media to these organizations without fear of being prosecuted themselves, what changed is in may of this year australia government brought in a new law that threatened prison sentences up to two years towards anyone who
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disclosed anything to anyone what went on in the camp and people don't want to come forward with allegations and abuse if they are punished or reporting those and what is being suggested now is a new inquiry held under parliamentary privilege and means anybody giving evidence would be protected by privilege and many have immunity under this law and whistle blowers will continue to come forward and report abuse what they find in these centers. still to come on al jazeera we are in turkey where some people are questioning security following saturday's bomb attack in ankara and giving a voice to the people and look at what the grass roots summit came up with in bolivia. ♪
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into the stories that are making our world what it is. ♪ welcome back, the top stories on al jazeera, two palestinian men have been shot after boarding a bus in jerusalem to carry out a stabbing attack and one was killed at the scene and the second is in critical condition. meanwhile five palestinians have been wounded on areas crossing on the israeli gaza strip area and soldiers have been firing rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas at protesters. and dutch investigators are due to publish a final report into malaysia airlines flight mh 17 which was shot down over eastern ukraine last year, all 298
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people aboard the boeing 777 died in the crash. turkey's deputy prime minister says several people are being held over saturday's bomb attack which killed 97 people, the government believes i.s.i.l. is behind the attack but many people blame the government and questioning security arrangements and we are in ankora with more. >> reporter: you can see it in their faces. you can hear it in their sighs, which each passing hour sadness deepens and with each passing day resentment grows. >> translator: in the heart of the capitol when explosions occur it just raises so many questions. >> reporter: since the attacks near ankora's main train station on saturday two of his nieces have been missing but she was mother to three children and seen here on the right was the mother of two.
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both were attending a peace rally when the suicide bombers attacked. in the painful wake to locate their bodies he and his relatives are as angry as they are sad. >> translator: how can anyone say there is no security weakness when it comes to the situation, how do these people bring the bombs here, how do they enter the square, how do they detonate the bombs. >> as questions pile up satisfactory answers have yet to be found. the tents were sat up after the attacks to accommodate families of victims and most of the people we spoke to have kurdish and gave dna to help authorities identify remains of their loved ones and they wait outside the authority complex and she had been working the fields in her village when she heard the news. >> translator: my daughter came here for a peace rally. did she have a gun in her hand?
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no. she came empty handed. she just came to ask for peace. >> reporter: like many other kurds she accuses the government of treating her like a second-class citizen. >> translator: i've been here for the last three days. i got no information whatsoever. is my daughter dead or alive? if she is dead then show me her body. show me my flesh and blood. no one here is helping. >> reporter: at a time of great tension in turkey more and more feel aggrieved and targeted. >> translator: we live together for 1,000 years how come today they call us separatist, we are just propeace and living for peace, dying for it and even at death we are asking for peace and peace only. >> reporter: so many people were killed at a rally where they were demanding peace only makes it hurt that much more. with trauma this severe these wounds will be extremely hard to heal. al jazeera, turkey.
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the u.n. refugee agency says more than 5,000 refugees are arriving into serbia from macedonia everyday and there are no signs the flow of people will ease. the u.n. says 13,000 have entered serbia in the last 48 hours along and predicting another surge in the coming days and thousands of people have passed sush -- serbia on their way this summer. results not in but they will not accept the winner of the president opposition and all seven leaders want the ballot anulled because of what they say is fraud and the leader called the poll a charade and says the ballot boxes were stuffed and people intimated. bolivia president says capitalism is because of climate change and it's a grass roots
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summit for activists and indigenous leaders so those must effected can have their voices heard and we report. >> reporter: the three-day conference ended with bolivia's president calling for the world to protect what he calls mother earth. a 10 point plan with different and some fear their voices won't be heard. >> mother earth she has certain things that go on and when you start going against that then there is a lot of people say there is no penalties or fines, there is only consequences when you go against natural law. >> reporter: one of the world's politicians and scientists will negotiate over ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and she is effected by climate change
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and came here to have their say. >> translator: in my town my little place in the world we are seeing climate change, the water is drying up and the cattle have nothing to drink, it's very worrying, what should we do now? >> translator: we hope the world's presidents listen to our proposals and organizations, movements, people who are demanding our rights. >> reporter: and called for one voice to emerge from diversity. these are just some of the voices that will be clammering in paris to ask for people to listen and deal with climate change and while they don't have all the answers they say they have some solutions that should be considered. among the items on the ten-point plan sent to paris the course for industrial countries saying they have the most greenhouse cases and have spending to fight
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the effects of climate change and a tribunal to try those who commit crimes against nature. but some here have criticized the bolivia government for not adhering to wishes with mining, and deforest arc tion. >> translator: people tell us what is happening and there is a case of an indigenous country being depressed because of a coal mine without consultation on their land. >> reporter: effects of climate change hit rich and poor and those in the cities and from the most remote communities, they are all demanding their voices are heard in paris. danielle with al jazeera, bolivia. the indian capitol is in the grip of its worst dengue fever in years and cases have hit a 19-year high in new deli with over 10,000 people testing
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positive for the mosquito-born disease, a long summer with patches of rain meant the annual dengue season lasted much longer than normal. in bangladesh about 53,000 children die from malnutrition related complications every year and researchers in the capitol hope a new kocondamint could be new solution. >> she should way over 12 kilograms but clocks in at four kilos and his mother brings him to this daycare center that looks after malnourished children. >> translator: i can't take care of the baby properly, there are just too many chores for me to do so it's hard for me to make sure he is fed properly and at the right time. >> reporter: according to the bangladesh government 36% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition, the rate is highest among children who live
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in slums. aid agencies say bangladesh has done a lot to improve child and maternal health but it still has one of the world's highest rates of malnutrition which is among the leading causes of death here for children under the age of five. now, researchers at the world center a nonprofit group believe they may have an unlikely answer to this pressing issue, dried fish turned into cheten. and small dried fish eaten hole has iron and vitamin a and zinc and protein and the taste is improved by adding spices and the project is growing fast. >> it's a part of nutrition and now taking part in cambodia and one program in myanmar and india and presently the india they
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like the idea and want to promote there and also have the program in africa as well. >> reporter: people at world fish say the studies are encouraging but warn the products should not be seen as a quick fix for a multi facetted problem. >> what food they are eating, how they are preparing, whether these people have access to other basic medicine, it's a combination of many things but on the ground fish won't solve all the problem and we are testing how this is contributing in the nutrition action. >> reporter: back at the daycare center this mother tries to feed him a balanced meal knowing it may be one of the few her son gets to have over the next little while. al jazeera zimbabwe has dropped a
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legal case against the u.s. man who killed cecil the lion and not looking for extradition for dentist palmer and says his hunting papers were in order and he didn't know he was committing an offense. now uganda film director is getting worldwide recognition for his low-budget action movies and one of his films has been viewed two million times on line animal come webb visited the set. >> reporter: rescue operation gone wrong but the rescue is fight back and it's his latest action film. he makes almost one every month here at his studios in uganda. >> many people come from the ghetto and slums and if i put it in the movie feature then it becomes a movie for them.
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>> reporter: and they are popular, extraordinary drama in familiar settings draws crowds in the neighborhood cinemas and since isaac started putting trailers on youtube it is attracting people from around the world and it went viral and had two million views and it's made possible by the creatively resourceful crews behind the scenes. all of the equipment is homemade and this is made from a carjack and over here this is a crane. this is made from bits of scrap metal welded together and on the end parts from a car used for a weight and a life size model of a helicopter technicians are still building and this is made from water pipes and a lawnmower engine. the sound of gunfire is added aft after.
5:29 am
isaac has taught himself to use graphic software from the internet and his wife is an expert in special effects and this man is about to get shot. >> we mix ready color and put in a little blue color and then we put it in. >> reporter: the actors mostly trained on the job say they are here for the love more than the money and the budget for each film is about $200. >> i'm acting because i need to be more famous and that is my dream and why i act all the time. if they tell me to do anything i can do. >> reporter: everyone here is dedicat dedicated. a torrential storm ends the shooting for the day and isaac did not stop, he is using a battery backup, this is his 40th movie and and soon as it's
5:30 am
finished he will start on the next. malcolm webb, al jazeera. you can keep up to date with all the news on our website al, the very latest there on the situation in israel and the occupied palestinian territories where tensions continue to rise. al ali velshi. "on target" tonight digital divide. the battle to bring high speed internet to those who want it and the laws that got in the way. plus, data crack down. the european ruling that could force american tech companies to make some changes. 19 years ago this month president bill clinton and vice president al gore announced a $100 million program to help create what they called the next generation internet. in their remarks, both men used